Application Information

Application Receipts:

Applications for 2023 will be received between January 1 - February 15, 2023.


Application Articles in the Regulation:

1. Applications are made to the AEADEP Secretariat between January 1st and February 15th of each year.

2. The applicant organization must have completed all of its education on its campus, graduated students at least one semester, and still continue to provide education.

3. The application for accreditation is made by filling out the "Application Form" on the website of AEADEP, signing it by the Dean of the relevant faculty, and sending it to the AEADEP secretariat. The application is accepted with the electronically filled form, but the original application document with a wet signature must be delivered to the AEADEP secretariat within 10 working days from the application date. If the original application document is not received, the application will not be processed. The bank receipt showing that the accreditation application fee has been paid is uploaded to the system electronically.

4. Faculties that implement more than one education program (for example, in different languages) make separate applications for each program.

5. Applications are evaluated at the first NDEAB meeting held after the application deadline and submitted to the Board of Directors. Agendas and documents related to the process are sent to organizations whose applications are accepted by the Board of Directors. Organizations whose applications are rejected are notified of the reasoned decision.

6. Organizations whose applications have been accepted deposit half of the application fee determined for the relevant year into the AEADEP account within 30 days of receiving the acceptance letter. Organizations that do not pay the application fee in due time are considered to have abandoned the application. The second half of the fee is deposited into the AEADEP account within 30 days of receiving the letter on which the decision of eligibility to visit the organization is sent.

7. Organizations whose accreditation application has been accepted by the AEADEP Board of Directors (BOD) and whose evaluation process for accreditation is still continuing, are granted the status of "accreditation candidate". Candidate status is maximum of three years from the date of application, excluding the 1-year freezing period accepted by AEADEP BOD. Programs that cannot be fully or conditionally accredited within this period must reapply within the framework of current standards.


Sending the Application Form:

- Click for Accreditation Application Form

- After completing and signing the application form, scan it in a scanner and send it from the organizational e-mail address of the faculty (the Dean's or organization official's corporate e-mail address should not be used) to the e-mail addresses of [email protected] and [email protected].

- Afterwards, send this document with a wet signature to the postal address below.

- All correspondence for accreditation must be sent from the same corporate e-mail address.

- The Dean or organization official should not use his or her corporate e-mail address.

Mailing Address to Send Wet-Signed Application Form:

Recipient: Belgin Özgün (AEADEP Secretariat)

Address: Adnan Kahveci Mah. Yavuz Sultan Selim Boulevard Parliamentarians Complex E Blok No:11 Flat:4 Beykent - Beylikduzu, Istanbul

Phone: 0 555 15 DEPAD (0 555 15 33723)

AEADEP Accreditation Application Fee for 2024:

The application fee for the accreditation evaluation of AEADEP pre-graduate dentistry education programs is 150.000 TL +VAT for the year 2024.

Half of this fee (75.000 TL + VAT) is deposited into the AEADEP account at the time of application, and the other half (75.000 TL +VAT) is deposited into the AEADEP account simultaneously with the submission of the Self Assessment Report (SAR)

Faculties can pay the entire accreditation fee at once.

Account info:

Bank: Vakıfbank Cennet Mahallesi Branch

Recipient Name: Diş Hekimliği Eğitimi Programları Akreditasyon Derneği İktisadi İşletmesi

Account Number: 00158007309824371

IBAN: TR230001500158007309824371

(The name of the applicant organization should be stated in the note section. If it is to be deposited in two installments, the first installment should be indicated next to the name of the organization.)

Evaluators' Expenses:

In all organization visits, the transportation, transfer, meal, and accommodation expenses of the evaluators in the visiting team are covered by the applicant organization.